Sarah Harris Whitt

Website Design

Hi there!

My name is Sarah Harris Whitt. I have been helping small businesses, non-profits, and entrepreneurs use WordPress to promote their organizations since 2012.

I started designing curricula in 2004, and moved from simple text formatting to creating covers and images. From 2006 to 2011, I worked primarily on printed materials for a government contractor in Maryland until I was tasked to begin work on websites in late 2012.

In WordPress I found a great design opportunity, but the limited flexibility and customization options of most templates led me to study HTML5 and CSS3. This in turn led me to code websites myself. While I definitely recommend using WordPress as a cost-effective means to a beautifully designed website, being able to fully customize templates has been incredibly rewarding.

"Creativity is intelligence having fun." - Albert Einstein

Last year I moved from DC back to my hometown. This has allowed me the time to devote to develop websites full-time. I find inspiration in all aspects of life, from face-melting bluesy-rock-bluegrass, to our guineas, ducks, chickens and dogs, fishing on the river, or swimming in the ocean. One of my favorite free time design practices is scouring Pinterest for great color pallets to use in website design or taking pictures to use in pallet creation.